Hear Stacey on the Radio Again….

Stacey Stewart BBC Radio Lincs

Here is another radio clip of me discussing problems that older people encounter when applying for employment.  BBC Radio Lincolnshire are really trying to speak about different issues that affect young, middle aged and older people are finding when trying to secure interviews and employment.

There are some top tips on what to do when applications have been made.

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Hear Stacey on the Radio…..

Here is my radio debut on BBC Radio Lincolnshire.  Since this recording I’ve been asked to go into the studio a few times and give my opinion on the local job market, redundancies, recruitment for the over 50’s and many other topics.

I hope you find it interesting as I will be posting the others over the coming weeks.

Stacey BBC Radio Lincs 070411

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First impressions Count!!

It is a proven fact that it takes less than 5 seconds to evaluate a person based on appearance, body language and dress, and this is especially true in an interview situation.
Thinking about the image you want to portray at an interview is very important; once a prospective employer has made their initial impression of you it is extremely hard to change this.

• Dress to suit the organisation and the environment; it is always much better to be over dressed then appear too casual or scruffy.
• Remember the interviewers name and use this in conversation
• Listen as well as talk in an interview; although a prospective employer wants to hear your opinions talking over the interviewer will not be seen favourably.
• Ask questions when possible, this shows a genuine interest in the vacancy.

Remember a positive first impression will help make a lasting impression

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In Search of the Perfect CV

A nationwide survey of HR directors and managers has concluded that CVs are failing to make the grade. The survey, designed and carried out by CMC and Senior Associate John Lees, produced some thought-provoking results:

- 46% of employers believe that one in ten people lie about qualifications in their CV;
- one in ten employers believe that 40% of people lie about job titles.

In addition, the Age Discrimination Act seems to be causing confusion amongst candidates and employers. Some employers believe that they are no longer able to ask information about the dates an individual began and ended a job, or when a qualification was gained.

To read more http://ow.ly/4poTJ

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Don’t Leave a Job in Haste – Think Then Act

Following MP David Davis’ shock resignation, the UK’s leading recruitment website, fish4jobs, has urged employers to watch for signs that their staff may be considering ‘doing a Davis’ and throw in the towel.

Davis now joins the league of high-profile walkouts throughout history, from celebrities to sports personalities, and politicians including:


  • David Davis, resigned in protest over the Commons’ decision on the 42-days detention debate
  • Richard Nixon, resigned from his position as US President in 1974 following the Watergate scandal
  • Lembit Opik walked out on long-term partner and fiancé Sian Lloyd for cheating on him – and famously hooked up with a Cheeky Girl instead!
  • Michael Heseltine abruptly ended an interview when questions over the Westland helicopter scandal became too much to handle – he resigned shortly afterwards in equally dramatic fashion, storming out of a cabinet meeting


  • Kevin Keegan shocked fans when he walked out as Newcastle manager in 1997 before staging a dramatic comeback earlier this year
  • Sol Campbell walked off the pitch at half time and later quit Arsenal
  • Roy Keane threw in the towel half way through the Republic of Ireland’s 2002 World Cup campaign


  • Noel Gallagher has built a reputation as a serial walker-out, following countless stroppy exits throughout his career
  • The Bee Gees’ appearance on Clive Anderson’s show became notorious after a bust-up with the presenter
  • Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber marched off the set of I’d Do Anything after a disagreement over candidates

 To read more http://ow.ly/4poF3

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Top tips for a pain-free redundancy

Always remember it is the “role” that is redundant and not “you” as an individual. It is easy for people to take it personally, but it is never an easy decision for any company to make redundancies.

There are laws that dictate how redundancies should be handled to protect employees, so make sure you know your rights. If there is no alternative job available for you within the company then redundancy may be the only option. You should read your company handbook or speak to an organisation such as the Citizens Advice Bureau to make sure that your employer is following the right procedure.

To read more http://ow.ly/4pott

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Mixed reaction to the Budget

There has been a mixed response to this month’s Budget, during which the Chancellor George Osborne unveiled a number of measures that will affect employers.

Among Osborne’s announcements was confirmation of last week’s declaration by business minister Mark Prisk of a three-year moratorium on business regulation for small businesses and start-ups.

Outlining his desire for the UK workforce to be the most educated and flexible in Europe, Osborne committed to investment in technical colleges, aimed at increasing vocational training. He also said that there would be increased access to work placement schemes for a further 100,000 people.

 To read more http://ow.ly/4pobc

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It’s all about the cake!!

Being rather fond of a slice of cake (or two!) staff at Total Recruitment have been more than happy to find themselves surrounded by it this week.

Tuesday saw Stacey and Caroline meet up with some of their clients to deliver their new information packs along with a small treat of muffins to be enjoyed at tea break; feedback was that these went down very nicely!!

On Thursday we had a vacancy registered for a temporary Tea Shop Manager; our client is looking for someone to cover busy periods and holidays in their tea shop serving specialist coffees and delicious cakes.

This morning Stacey did a presentation at the BNI Tennyson networking group, and afterwards donated a gift of a gorgeous hamper of cakes and biscuits. The lucky winner of the hamper was David Lee of JE Sills & Sons Insurance.

Lastly Total Recruitment will be supporting Ruddock’s at their Tea and Cakes open house day to raise money towards Lincoln Cathedral restoration project. This event will take place on 8th April 2011 and there will be a huge variety of cupcakes and muffins for sale.

For more information regarding this event visit www.ruddocks.co.uk

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New Blog

The staff at Total Recruitment are pleased to let you know that today is the first day of future blogging.

Your feedback would be really appreciated, watch this space!

From left to right, Caroline Mellor (Recruitment Consultant), Stacey Stewart (Managing Director) and Janet Grant (Accounts & Payroll).

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